WAN Concepts can provide your company with a professional IT Service Layer that assures efficient operations. Our services include, design, installation and configuration of networking technologies that allow for Secure On-Line Access. This is accomplished by providing a full spectrum of products and support services --utilizing the most reliable and advanced business proven technology available-- tailored for each installation.

WAN Concepts specializes in Wide Area Network troubleshooting and design and has installed systems that merge both voice video and data onto the same network infrastructure. We have also implemented software solutions that work in rich thin client environments allowing multiple site facilities to work with centrally located data in an effective manner. WAN Concepts has extensive knowledge and experience with a variety of networking topologies and operating systems for troubleshooting and is always keeping an eye toward proper prior planning for computer model integration.

WAN Concepts team of dedicated hardware and software engineers will work with you to perform technology evaluations. The widespread implementation of new computing tools is consistently driving the requirements for technical changes and innovations. We understand implementing new computing tools in your company culture is one method of staying fully competitive. However, staying current with the technology curve can be critical to maintaining that offensive position within changing industry standards. WAN Concepts will perform technology evaluations with you and suggest both hardware and software platforms to use in order to achieve an adequate return on your investments.

In today's competitive market, technology is used by companies as a competitive tool to set new standards of performance. This often requires a redesign or new implementation of the current technical infrastructure. We will work closely with you to provide you with a full system design that encourages and sometimes insists on the following:

  • Integration with other existing and planned applications, hardware, software and network elements.
  • Interoperability across multiple platforms (LAN/WAN environment).
  • Network, host and application optimization to ensure robust performance.
  • Reliability and adequate redundancy for minimum down time.
  • Security in WAN and LAN computing environments.
  • Remote support tools for diagnostics, test and troubleshooting.
  • Sensitivity to both initial and on going costs.
  • A growth path for future expansion