Information Distribution and Management for the Enterprise

WAN Concepts was formed to build and deliver open standard applications that solve real business needs in the Wide Area Network environment. We cater to business with dispersed staffing and centralized data that needs to be securely delivered to their employees and partners worldwide. If you have multiple offices with a group of people in the field (i.e. sales people, or project groups), our products are designed for you.

WAN Concepts WAN-AP Server and Application Engine is a powerful and flexible technology solution designed for enterprise use in the management of a company's proprietary information. The WAN-AP package of hardware and software coupled with our custom applications will provide you with a cost efficient, scaleable and easy to implement windows and browser based information distribution and management system

WAN Concepts provides implementation services, application testing and technical training and support for the WAN-AP intra/extranet server, the WAN-AP Application Engine as well as all custom developed applications. WAN Concepts can also provide your company with a professional IT Service Layer that assures efficient operations. WAN Concepts specializes in Wide Area Network troubleshooting and design.