WAN Concepts will connect your organization to the Internet or an outside network (Intranet), while ensuring that you do not compromise the integrity and privacy of sensitive company business data or expose valuable intellectual property to an intruder.

The WAN-AP Application Engine is the platform on which the WAN-AP Server runs and contains the tools that allows the efficient creation of custom applications at a minimum cost. The WAN-AP Application Engine integrates best-of-breed open standard components with WAN Concepts' own proprietary user interface and data modeling technology to provide our customers with the following benefits:

  • Secure access to diverse corporate information resources
  • High application reliability
  • Scalability
  • Rich user interface
  • Ability to integrate with legacy applications
  • Platform Independent

WAN Concepts develops robust applications within a rich thin client environment. Applications are either browser based or three-tiered Client Server LAN based and run via the WAN-AP Application Engine. Custom development with our server and application engine is exceptionally flexible. Our proprietary application development toolbox allows us to quickly build applications that receive or deliver information in a time and cost efficient manner.

WAN Concepts can provide your company with a professional IT Service Layer that assures efficient operations. Our services include, design, installation and configuration of networking technologies that allow for Secure On-Line Access. This is accomplished by providing a full spectrum of products and support services --utilizing the most reliable and advanced business proven technology available-- tailored for each installation.