WAN Concepts will develop robust applications within a rich thin client environment. Applications are either browser based or three-tiered Client Server LAN based and run via the WAN-AP Application Engine. Every effort is made to work with existing company tools, such as e-mail, mail list, sales force automation and accounting packages.

Custom development with our server and application engine is exceptionally flexible. Our proprietary application development toolbox allows us to quickly build applications that receive or deliver information in a time and cost efficient manner.

Examples of custom applications are:

  • Group calendaring of tasks and scheduling meetings or appointments that can be updated from anywhere.
  • Link with your dealer or rep organizations to electronically deliver, sales reports, numbers, availability and other actionable information.
  • Time sensitive delivery of information with quick turnaround needs, such as marketing department interaction with advertising agencies.
  • Online submission, collection and tracking of Human Resources and Accounting and employee time tracking.
  • Interactive distribution, tracking and collection of items such as expense report data, insurance information, and corporate policy documents.
  • Online delivery of sales collateral customized by salesperson and delivered at the click of a button via email.
  • On-line sales proposal and price quote functionality.
  • Order creation tool that will build a purchase order and a PIC list from valid parts found in your inventory.
  • Real-time tracking of results; sales, orders, customer profiles, and customer billing.