WAN Concepts was formed to build and deliver open standard applications that solve real business needs in the Wide Area Network environment. We are located in the San Francisco Bay area. We cater to businesses with dispersed staffing and centralized data that needs to be securely delivered to their employees and partners worldwide.

Over time and through experience, it has become obvious that rich thin-client applications are the best way to securely distribute valuable corporate information to the appropriate individuals in a global setting, WAN Concepts was created to do just that. If you have multiple offices with a group of people in the field (i.e. sales people, or project groups), our products are designed and delivered for you. In response to our customers' growing network needs and technological advances in communication we have come to provide quality consulting, products, implementation and support and offer competitive business solutions at competitive rates.

WAN Concepts has a team of dedicated engineers and consultants who are trained in the latest technologies and provide the best outsourced network service possible. In addition we provide network design and implementation services to support your wide area networking environment as well as our custom application platform the WAN-AP Extranet Server.